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With One Stop Construction and Remodeling, LLC, delve into the art of basement remodeling. We don’t just finish; we transform. Let us turn your basement into a vibrant, livable space, equipped with modern necessities and design aesthetics.

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Basements in and around St. George, UT, are often overlooked spaces. But with the right basement remodeling contractor, they can become the heart of the home. We ensure that every basement we remodel meets the criteria for being “finished.” This involves electricity, plumbing, flooring, and optimal space utilization. We pride ourselves on taking on the larger tasks—be it adding walls or designing a completely new functional living space.


From Forgotten Corners to Cozy Havens

The magic of a well-remodeled basement lies in the transformation of an often-neglected area into a place of comfort, function, and charm. Our team meticulously designs your basement to become a reflection of your aspirations, ensuring it’s not only livable but also enjoyable. With strategic design decisions and functional incorporations, we breathe life into basements, creating spaces that families love and often can’t get enough of.

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In St. George, UT, and the surrounding areas, when it comes to basement makeovers, residents trust One Stop Construction and Remodeling, LLC. We’ve turned countless cold, unused basements into warm, inviting spaces for family gatherings, entertainment, or peaceful retreats. Our emphasis on honest communication, quality work, and putting the client first has made us the go-to choice in the area.

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